Taking a Moment
04.22.13: A Skyscraper Grows in Manhattan

04.22.13: A Skyscraper Grows in Manhattan

04.21.13: Tiny Buds

04.20.13: When the Moon Hits your Eye

When I was very young, I remember noticing the moon during the day for the first time.  I was so surprised and confused on how we could see the moon during the day.  It is a phenomenon that is so common place, yet I am equally amazed every day.

04.19.13: Washed Out

04.18.13: Under Construction

04.17.13: Through the Archway

04.16.13: Spiny Things

04.15.13: Early Morning Light

04.14.13: Daffodils

Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers, mostly because they are a sure sign of spring.  

04.13.13: A Level of Artistry


I often photograph flowers that appear naturally or at least in a natural environment, but a floral designer can raise the level of beauty to an art.